Art of Living with IAHV provide relief materials to migrant workers

Amid the ongoing health crisis that has taken the entire globe in its grip, the volunteers of The Art of Living with its partner organization International Association for Human Values (IAHV) have been working to provide relief material to daily wage labourers and migrant workers in different parts of the country.

The organisations are working to provide relief materials to states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, MP, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Telangana, Delhi and Jammu. The joint venture is providing family’s ration for 10 days to million families to these different states and many from the film fraternity have also joined them in their cause.

A total of 500 tons of relief material sent so far include food material, medicine supplies and sanitizers. Essential groceries, cooked foods or bulk supplies are being handed over to municipal corporations by the volunteers while following social distancing and hygiene protocol.

Apart from the relief materials, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is also leading meditations twice at 12 Noon and 7.30 PM daily, open for all, on his official social media platforms. 9 hours of special content dedicated to helping people deal with the aftereffects of the pandemic was also released for Spanish speaking countries by him.

“Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has given a call to everyone to do what they can possibly do to help each other in this critical time. The Art of Living fraternity has been reaching out to the people in their neighbourhood and helping them with both material and mental relief while following the social distancing rules completely,” said Darshak Hathi, President, IAHV International, International Director, The Art of Living.

The organisation has also operationalised a national helpline number — 080-676-12338, where the Art of Living teachers are counselling people undergoing stress and anxiety in the lockdown.

Originally Published By – The State Men

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