June 2017

Project Dignity empowers girls at Tyburn Primary School

Respective role-players, organisers and staff
of the school are seen with pupils, who could not contain their excitement after receiving the useful packs.

The Subz Pants and Pads (Project Dignity) together with IAHV Activation delivered smiles and joy to the young ladies of Tyburn Primary School, recently.

An enlightening and informative programme was enjoyed by all during the visit to the school, which is situated in Montford.

Since the inception of the sterling programme, thousands of girls have positively benefitted and have learned a great deal about various aspects such as puberty, menstruation and also hygiene and personal care during this time.

The day started off with an address by the principal of the school and was then followed by a prayer and introduction by the International Association for Human Values and the Art of Living Foundation. The pupils were then treated to an enlightening talk and presentation by Sue Barnes and her team from Subz Pants and Pads.

Simple breathing exercises and easy yoga techniques were then demonstrated to the pupils by the Art of Living team. The girls were told that these techniques can assist when experiencing cramps and uncomfortableness during that time of the month.

Once formalities for the day concluded, each young girl was presented with a Subz Pants and Pad menstrual management kit which includes two pairs of panties as well as six reusable sanitary pads, which will last them for the next three to five years.

The pupils as well as the staff of the school thanked the respective role­players for choosing Tyburn as the venue for the amazing initiative, which helps restore dignity and comfort to young women. It was evident that the girls were very receptive to the talks on menstruation and puberty and had many questions to ask.

They were even provided with motivational advice on the importance of looking after themselves and their bodies to ensure that they achieve their own goals in life. The project was a tremendous success.

More about Subz Pants and Pads:

A 2013 UNICEF report found that a tenth of African school going girls were missing 25 percent of their education, or dropping out, because of a lack of menstrual sanitation products.

To reduce school absenteeism and improve educational benefits of these young girls, KwaZulu-Natal resident, Sue Barnes, developed Subz Pants and Pads, a reusable, eco-friendly sanitary pad that clips onto a 100 percent cotton panty which lasts a minimum of five years.

Project Dignity, the non-profit extension of the organisation, distributes sponsored Subz packs to girls in schools and communities in rural areas across the country, empowering these teenagers through education and access to sanitary wear.

SOURCE COURTESY : www.risingsunchatsworth.co.za

Comfort with dignity for girls

The respective role-players who delivered joy to the youngsters.

The (IAHV) is an international humanitarian and educational non-governmental organisation committed to promote the resurgence of human values in all aspects of life across the globe.

Volunteers from the KZN International Association for Human Values (IAHV) team visited the Kasturba Gandhi Primary School in Phoenix, to conduct an educational programme and distribute Subz Washable Pads and Panties to the grade 6 and 7 girls.

The (IAHV) is an international humanitarian and educational non-governmental organisation committed to promote the resurgence of human values in all aspects of life across the globe.

The association partners with governments, educational institutions, other NGOs, corporations, business and individuals, to develop and promote programmes of personal development and to encourage the practice of human values in everyday life.

IAHV along with its partner organisation, the Art of Living Foundation, has one of the largest volunteer based networks in the world, reaching people in more than 152 countries.

The programme included a talk and demonstration of the Subz Packs, a talk and demonstration of Yoga by Art of Living Foundation volunteers and distribution of the Packs and Pamphlets.

The recipients were overwhelmed with the talks and gift packs which will certainly make a huge difference in their lives as follows:

  • Giving the girl’s the dignity and comfort they deserve, during their menstruation cycles.
  • Preventing the girls from missing school when they menstruate.
  • Preventing girls from being bullied and insulted.
  • Providing guidance and holistic educational talks on health matters.
  • Empowering girls to take charge of their own health.
  • Building confidence and coping skills of the girls.
  • Building a healthier and happier Nation.

SOURCE COURTESY : www.phoenixsun.co.za