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Yesplus empowers tomorrow92s leaders with tools to build confidence, clarity of mind, social connection, and resilience.

About Yesplus

Yesplus supports individual and campus community happiness, social connection, and resilience so that students can achieve personal and professional success as compassionate and service-minded leaders of tomorrow. We partner with universities to design and implement scalable campus solutions, working with existing programming and structures to provide students and staff with practical tools and frameworks for greater personal resilience and growth, authentic social connections, and a deeper sense of meaning.

Neither at home nor at school are students taught how to deal with stress in healthy ways. Research suggests that proactive approaches to stress-reduction, enhanced social connection, and service-based engagement with community can significantly enhance health, happiness and quality of life for students. A0Our innovative life-skills training programs combine breathwork and meditation with interactive discussions and experiential processes so students gain valuable skills to better navigate the personal, social, and academic landscape and pressures of college.

Yesplus collaborates with universities to design and deliver programs in the areas of:

  • Leadership and Success
  • Multidimension wellness
  • Service, social change, and teamwork
  • Stress management and resilience

Our Approach

Connection with Self
Through breath work, meditation, and self-awareness practices, students learn to:
  • Clear and relax the mind
  • Increase personal resilience by managing negative emotions and stress
  • Increase energy and capacity naturally
  • Gain equanimity and broader perspective on life when facing challenges
Results: Reduced anxiety, depression, increased optimism, energy, and sense of wellbeing


Connection with Others

Through engaging interpersonal processes and discussions, students learn to:

  • Find strength in vulnerability
  • Build trusting and authentic relationships
  • Handle criticism and mistakes
  • See that their own life can be used to help others
Results: Increased self-esteem, social connection, and positive relationships

Connection with Deeper Purpose

Through guided self-reflection processes, and design & implementation of peer-driven initiatives to serve the campus, students begin to:

  • View service as tied to personal growth and meaning
  • Link academic goals with personal life purposeLead and inspire teams by setting a big vision
  • Feel a deep sense of connection to themselves and others, out of which purpose naturally dawns
Results:A0Mindset of responsibility, leadership and service, practical leadership and soft skills

How We Work

All Yesplus programming is tailored to suit the interests and goals of the sponsoring university. We design and deliver custom offerings in partnership with university departments, bodies and student clubs.


Yesplus Speaker EventsA0are two-hour interactive programs that provide participants with knowledge and practical techniques for health, happiness, social connection, stress management and resilience. They can be offered as one-time events, weekly, or monthly events. All speaker events include breathing techniques, guided meditation and practical tools for self-development and greater self-awareness.A0Speaker event topics are developed in partnership with the sponsoring university. Sample topics include: Happiness and Productivity, Service and Social Change, Mind and Meditation, Success without Stress.A0

Yesplus RetreatA0is an innovative and experiential life-skills training program that empowers participants to develop a relaxed, stress-free mind and an energetic, healthy body, using the powerful tools of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and self-exploration. This 20-hour interactive program provides students with knowledge and practical techniques for stress management and resilience, soft skills leadership training, strategies for social connection and an opportunity to engage in peer driven service initiatives.A0Workshops are scheduled and produced in partnership with the sponsoring university

Yesplus Ambassador ProgramA0develops student leaders through advanced skill-building, regular practice of Yesplus techniques, and assistance of A0Yesplus trainers. Yesplus Ambassadors organize student-led activities like: substance-free parties, alternative winter and spring breaks, and meditation campaigns. As they integrate skills and perspectives on health and wellbeing, social connection, leadership and service, these student leaders can be a resource to university department and can help design and support other related campus initiatives.

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