Education Initiatives

Since its inception, IAHV has stressed on the importance of education for sustainable development
  • School BuildingSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Students Doing YogaSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Students Doing YogaSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • MontessoriSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • MontessoriSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • SSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Computer ClassSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • LibrarySSVM, Nagapattinam
  • SSVM, Nagapattinam
  • SSVM, Nagapattinam
  • SSVM, Nagapattinam
  • VolleyballSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Art & CultureSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Mid Day MealsSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Vocational Training CenterSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Computer ClassSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Electrical ClassSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Tailoring ClassSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Welding ClassSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Uttarakhand School
  • IAHV School In Association With J&K GovtKashmir
  • full screen sliderChild Care Centre, Kashmir
  • Mid Day MealsChild Care Centre, Kashmir
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Schools for the underprivileged program,is part of the long-term disaster rehabilitation efforts based on the needs of the community. Combining human values with modern technology, in addition to basic education, emphasis is placed on hygiene awareness and vocational training for older students.All students are taught human values, such as compassion, belongingness and respect for all.

Our schools are dedicated to providing youth with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle. We do this by offering them practical tools and life skills to manage stress and emotions. When students learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way, they exhibit greater confidence and motivation to succeed in school and make healthy choices when faced with life’s challenges.

Schools for Disaster Victims–Nagapattinam Rebuilt

Following the devastating effects of the South Asia tsunami of 2004, IAHV placed a special emphasis on rebuilding lives in affected areas. IAHV and the Art of Living Foundation developed an education complex near Anakovil village in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu to build homes, primary and secondary schools and an Industrial Centre—Sri Sri Vidya Mandir (SSVM).

At a Glance:

  • Today there are 44 teachers giving holistic education to 620 students.
  • Students are given mid-day meals, books, and uniforms, and tuition is free.
  • There are also regular medical camps for students and their families.
  • Sri Sri Industrial School, provides immediate vocational training in the areas of plumbing, electric works, tailoring, welding and computers.
  • Children undergo the ART EXCEL and YES workshops, where they learn breathing, meditation an life skills to help them focus and give them confidence.
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