Disaster & Trauma Relief

Disaster and Trauma Relief mobilizes global volunteers to provide immediate aid and care, trauma relief, and long-term community development post disaster.

  • Rescue OperationUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Rescue OperationUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Rescue OperationBihar Flood, 2008
  • Debri ClearanceUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Debri ClearanceBihar Flood, 2008
  • Providing FoodNepal Earthquake, 2015
  • Providing FoodUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Providing FoodKarnataka Flood, 2009
  • Providing FoodBihar Flood, 2008
  • Medical ReliefNepal Earthquake, 2015
  • Medical ReliefUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Medical ReliefAssam Relief, 2012
  • Medical ReliefKarnataka Flood, 2009
  • Medical ReliefBihar Flood, 2008
  • Medical ReliefGujarat Flood, 2005
  • Medical ReliefTsunami, 2004
  • Material ReliefNepal Earthquake, 2015
  • Material ReliefUttarakhand Flood, 2013
  • Material ReliefAssam Relief, 2012
  • Material ReliefBihar Flood, 2008
  • Material ReliefGujarat Flood, 2005
  • Material ReliefTsunami, 2004
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopNepal Earthquake, 2015
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopNepal Earthquake, 2015
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopAssam Relief, 2012
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopBihar Flood, 2008
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopKashmir Earthquake, 2005
  • Trauma Relief WorkshopTsunami, 2004
  • Long Term RehabilitationIAHV School in Association with J&K Govt
  • Long Term RehabilitationChild Care Centre, Kashmir
  • Long Term RehabilitationSri Sri Community Centre, Nagapattinam
  • Long Term RehabilitationSri Sri Industrial School, Nagapattinam
  • Long Term RehabilitationSSVM, Nagapattinam
  • Long Term RehabilitationBuild 94 Homes in Nagapattinam
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About IAHV Disaster & Trauma Relief

In response to natural and manmade disasters, IAHV collects funds and goods for immediate material aid and care, provides and supports trauma relief and stress-management programs, and supports long-term rehabilitation.

Immediate Material Aid and Service

IAHV collects funds and goods to support emergency services and material aid in the aftermath of disasters provided by other IAHV country organizations and its partner organization, the Art of Living Foundation. These emergency services provide food, clothes, medicine and shelter. Doctors, counsellors and other physical and mental health experts form an integral part of such immediate relief efforts.

Trauma Relief

For survivors of disasters, who have experienced severe physical and emotional trauma, material help alone is not sufficient. Alleviating the trauma and helping people to reclaim their lives is essential. IAHV’s Trauma Relief programs – the Breath Water Sound Program and the Art of Living Course – teach participants how to process their emotions and stress through the breath, to shift their attention away from reliving the past towards future possibilities. Participants leave the workshop with stress and trauma management techniques, healthy coping strategies, stronger community bonds and a sense of personal power.

Long-term Rehabilitation: Sustainable Community Development

True relief can only happen when disaster survivors are completely rehabilitated – physically and emotionally. To support communities in developing sustainable solutions, IAHV’s global organizations and volunteers work in villages and with local communities, building homes, sanitation systems, roads, schools, vocational training centers and other necessary infrastructure. IAHV raises funds to support these ventures, including for the 5H program in India. Some of our Long Term Rehabilitation projects are below listed:

Uttarakhand Flood, 2013 ongoing

For Long Term Rehabilitation of Uttarakhand Flood victims, supported school (renovated/reconstructed school building & financially supporting to run school), Reconstructed Homes for homeless during disaster, helped in reconstructing cowshed, Installed Solar Geysers and Lights in health centers & provided vocational skills training. For more detail click here.

Kashmir Earthquake, 2005 – 2011

For Long Term Rehabilitation of Kashmir Earthquake Victims, we established Child Care Centre, school, girls and boys hostel. For more detail click here.

Tsunami, 2004 ongoing

For Long Term Rehabilitation of Tsunami victims, we built home for homeless, setup education institution (Primary School, Secondary School & Vocational/Industrial Training Institute) and build community Centre. For more detail click here.

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