• Community Development & Outreach

    Human Values, Youth Empowerment & Education, Safety, Food Security

    Empowering communities on the individual and collective level to foster human values, sustain peace, and develop resilient families & communities.

  • Corporate Programmes


    Enhances the skills that truly advance people and organizations: energy and clarity of mind, strong teams, and passionate commitment.

  • Disaster & Trauma Relief

    Immediate Aid and Long-term Rehabilitation

    The trauma and disaster management wing of the IAHV offers immediate intervention and Long-term Rehabilitation.

  • Prison SMART

    Prisoner Rehabilitation

    Teaches prisoners how to manage their stress, aggression, and trauma, building a foundation for a new life.

  • Youth Leadership In Action

    Youth and Community Development

    A new generation of youth leadership with the vision to innovate and tools to create sustainable community solutions in the spirit of selfless service.