US Programs (Funded and/or ran by IAHV US)

  • YES! for Schools

    Youth Empowerment

    Provides youth with a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Women’s Empowerment

    Vocational and Leadership Training

    Women’s Empowerment seeks to advance the role of women, strengthening and empowering them on the individual and collective level to foster human values, sustain peace, and develop families, communities and societies around the world.

  • Yesplus

    University Student Leadership

    Empowering tomorrow’s leaders with tools to build confidence, clarity of mind, social connection, and resilience.

  • Prison SMART

    Prisoner Rehabilitation

    Teaches prisoners how to manage their stress, aggression, and trauma, building a foundation for a new life.

  • Project Welcome Home Troops

    Trauma Relief for Veterans

    Provides training in a unique set of natural stress relief practices to veterans and their families.

  • Nouvelle Vie Haiti

    Youth & Community Development

    A new generation of Haitian leadership with the vision to innovate and create sustainable solutions in the spirit of selfless service.

  • Light a Home

    Rural Electrification

    Provides subsidized alternative energy in places where grids are not available.

  • Disaster & Trauma Relief

    Immediate & Long-term Aid

    The trauma and disaster management wing of the IAHV offers immediate intervention and Long Term Rehabilitation.

  • TLEX Program

    Organizational Excellence

    Enhances the skills that truly advance people and organizations: energy and clarity of mind, strong teams, and passionate commitment.