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Project Welcome Home Troops aims to address the intense distress some returning veterans experience. Many of these brave men and women have been repeatedly exposed to traumatic events and life-threatening situations on multiple deployments to combat zones.

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About Project Welcome Home Troops

Power Breath Workshop

Project Welcome Home Troops offers the Power Breath Workshop as a resilience-building program specifically designed to address the needs of returning combat veterans.It offers practical breath-based tools that decrease the stress, anxiety and sleep problems that many returning veterans experience. Through rhythmic breathing patterns, the IAHV’s SKY Practice brings deep mental and physical relaxation which can reduce symptoms of anxiety, anger, insomnia and depression. Through interactive discussions, the Power Breath Workshop builds a framework for resilience and empowerment, and develops self-awareness, connectedness and community, and a positive outlook.

Trauma and Veterans

The National Institutes of Health estimate that, of the approximately 2 million veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, up to 20% suffer from post-traumatic stress or PTS. Veterans of previous wars may also continue to experience symptoms of PTS. PTS is an anxiety disorder that develops as a result of exposure to a traumatic event and is characterized by three categories of symptoms.

Traditional treatments for veterans’ PTS are currently insufficient. Many veterans drop out of traditional therapeutic treatments because the process of recounting traumatic events is emotionally taxing. They often fail to continue drug treatments due to the drugs’ side effects. Research is showing that the only FDA approved drugs for PTS (i.e. SSRIs) are not helpful in addressing PTS. A recent study shows that of those veterans who actually undergo an entire course of treatment, only 50% show signs of recovery. There is clearly an urgent need to provide alternate methods of helping returning veterans reclaim their lives.

A man or woman with the courage to face war does not easily embrace the role of a victim with a diagnosis be it insomnia or PTS. Rather than depending on a drug or therapist, veterans value learning tools which they can use to help themselves. The Power Breath Workshop allows veterans to regain a sense of self-mastery and control because they learn techniques they can use on their own. Research show that these programs are effective, safe, prevention-based and free of known side-effects. They can be scaled up to serve large numbers of veterans at a lower cost than many traditional interventions.

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