Nouvelle Vie Haiti

The Nouvelle Vie Youth Corps is a new generation of Haitian leadership that has the vision to innovate and create sustainable solutions in the spirit of selfless service.

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About Nouvelle Vie Haiti

IAHV’s Nouvelle Vie Haiti is developing a network of young Haitian leaders who empower Haitian communities towards greater self-reliance.

A new life for Haiti beings with shifting mindsets of and about Haitians – transforming victims into agents of change. The first step is transformed individuals: releasing trauma, restoring hope, and fostering personal responsibility of individuals, opening minds to people’s ability to improve their own lives. We then support this shift in attitude and behaviors through service programs that empower self-reliance including: food security gardens, local waste management, sexuality education workshops, and street child mentorship programs run at minimal cost by community volunteers. From these programs, leaders and entrepreneurs emerge who embody a sense of total responsibility, innovation, and integrity in action. Nouvelle Vie has trained 19 Haitian leaders as empowerment trainers, bringing the program towards total programmatic sustainability.

  • Youth Leadership Training Program

    Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) is a residential leadership “bootcamp” that develops leaders through: yogic practices that foster clarity and dynamism; a philosophical framework built around conscious awareness and responsibility; theory-in-action through the creation and implementation of service projects.

  • Trauma Relief & Community Empowerment

    The Breath Water Sound (3 hours) and Art of Living Course (18 hours) strengthen coping strategies and interpersonal relationships. Participants learn to process emotions and past events, regaining enthusiasm and hope. The program provides a solid foundation for community driven rebuilding efforts, rooted in inner conviction, strength, and resilience.

  • Sexuality Education

    Teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and infidelity are rising at an alarming rate. The peer-led Sexuality Education program explores the beliefs and consequences of sexual choices – physical, emotional, and social. Graduates actively support each other in making healthy sexual choices.

  • Mentoring Program for Vulnerable Children

    The Youth Corps guides graduates of Breath Water Sound and Art of Living to provide an emotionally enriching life skills program for vulnerable children that includes empowerment, basic hygiene and nutrition, and environmental awareness.

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Food Security and Waste Management

    Community members learn how to grow their own food and compost using Permaculture, a design science using principles of natural ecosystems. Gardens are created out of old tires, rice sacks, buckets, and kitchen scraps, reducing dependence on food aid and imported food, improving nutrition, and reducing family food costs.

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