Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan

“Since my childhood, I’ve never seen so much of water in the stream and in my farm well.”

– Pandurang, farmer from Maske Village, Latur

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The only source of water in Latur, a small non descript district of Maharashtra, India, is rains. In recent years, owing to the erratic nature of the monsoons and the overuse of ground water, drought has become fairly common. Over the course of many dry summers, all water sources including local rivers, streams have dried and groundwater has been exhausted. In many areas, the farmers have barely any water left for drinking, let alone farming.

Under our “Jal Jagruti Abhiyaan” initiated in 2013, we adopted four villages within Latur. Working closely with the local community we were able to rejuvenate a local rain-fed water bodies that had been dry for decades. Subsequently, hundreds of acres of dry abandoned farmlands were reclaimed, forest and green cover increased, soil erosion and rainwater runoff significantly restricted. Today, there is ample water in all the villages where we initiated work.